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INS Scandinavia

INS is your scandinavian partner when IT goes industrial.

We are distributor of some of the most renowned brands regarding industrial IT. Just think gateways between industrial networks such as Ethernet/IP to Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP optimized wireless solutions, remote access with secure VPN connection via broadband to machines all over the globe, Touch Display-Panel Computers from 10" to 47", DIN-rail Ethernet switches or what about an industrial extranet via 3G between different sites both local and global... or just in few words: INS, When IT goes industrial!

Remote access router/modems - Wireless network - Gateways - Ethernet Switches Industrial Computers - Servers - UPS's - Displayes.

INS and your company
We help your company with the right technology, with minimal risk and with maximum security to the system will continue to meet changes and developments.

We love what we do
Looking for a supplier / adviser who master both the innovation, creativity, technical complexity and strategic understanding? Which has both local and Scandinavian presence? Who have faith, strength and skills to constantly challenge and improve? Who knows what is important right now and in the future? And who loves what they work with? You have come to the right place.

Across all
We help our customers in both large and small issues in specific questions or across different challenges. Our experience enables us to provide insight into many different areas, solutions and technical challenges.






Ørestads Boulevard 73

2300 København S


Phones are open from 08:00 til 16:00

We look forward to hearing from you.

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