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Let ProSoft Technology make it easy. Our team of experts can show you the best wireless options for your networking needs. That’s because ProSoft Technology has over 20 years of network and protocol expertise combined with the latest in wireless technology!

Protocol Gateways

ProSoft Technology offers a wide range of gateway solutions wire and wireless stand-alone gateways.

ProLinx Stand-alone protocol gateways provide communication solutions between several of the leading industrial protocols.

Link to more then 160 defend stand-alone gateways!

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About ProSoft Technology

Over the last 20 years, ProSoft Technology's product lines have grown to over 400 communication interface modules supporting more than 60 different protocols. ProSoft Technology's connectivity options enable controller platforms to provide solutions in areas such as computing gas flow calculations and SCADA telemetry applications. The solutions also enable interfacing to motor control, drives and other devices in industries such as water/wastewater, power generation, oil & gas, machinery, packaging and production.


ProSoft Technology

Link to Profibus site.


EW500 Sreial or MPI/Profibus (SNMP)

eWON 500/4001 is the versatile Serial-to-Ethernet gateway for industrial applications. With its transparent gateway, eWON 500/4001 interfaces any serial PLCs or any serial automation devices to Ethernet. This allows them to be connected to Ethernet platforms and software (OPC servers, workstations with PLC programming software, etc…) for data polling and/or maintenance. eWON 500/4001 also performs data acquisition from PLCs or automation devices in various protocols, including raw ASCII mode. Additionally, it provides an alarm management system.


  • Transparent gateway supporting numerous
  • PLC protocols: Modbus TCP/RTU,
  • XIP/Unitelway, EtherNet/IP / DF1, FINS
  • Data acquisition in internal tags
  • SNMP agent and server
  • Alarm management on PLC variables with notification (SMS, email, FTP put or trap SNMP)
  • Configuration by embedded web pages, files or FTP upload
  • Powerful Basic script interpreter
  • 1 x digital input and 1 x digital output
  • Full industrial design (24 VDC Power supply, DIN Rail mounting)

eWON 4001 additional features

  • Historical logging
  • Compatible with viewON 2, web HMI with animated synoptics


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