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Powerful Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Software

Network Visions Flagship software provides local resources the ability to address basic problems or be better informed to assist if network experts are required. Whether it is a PLC or robot controller in a manufacturing plant, a video surveillance camera in a traffic system, or a power monitor in a building automation system, IntraVUE™ has been proven to be the software solution of choice.

Industrial Automation

Software developed for Process & Control Engineers

As Industrial Ethernet applications replace traditional plant floor communication at every level, it will be important to have a tool to identify and resolve communication problems. Ethernet communications is different than previous Industrial communications in which all devices were connected to a common wire. Ethernet for real time applications uses switches to isolate traffic and switch communication paths depending on who is the server and/or client. This complexity require the ability to visualize the topology and changes in real time. This is a unique feature of IntraVUE.

Maintaining Real-Time plant floor communications means the need to provide predictive maintenance, instant notification, and the ability to quickly identify the fault location. IntraVUE has been continuously improved to focus on the most common faults occurring in Industrial applications, and provide the necessary details to simplify support by individuals who may not be Network experts.

Why are more diagnostics needed for Industrial Ethernet ?

Communication over traditional Industrial networks is usually serial bus or connected in a Daisy chain.

Communication over Ethernet may pass through several active devices “Switches” in which communication disturbances may not be easily identified without an understanding of the topology. Other network traffic may cause congestion on uplink ports creating momentary packet loss or throttling of communications. Point based solutions or individual device health monitoring may not indicate the true problem. Using SNMP communication to the switches may not easily identify newly connected or momentarily connected devices such as a contractor’s laptop downloading a program and generating excessive traffic. Without a true and dynamic topology view, there is no way to easily understand the relationship of devices and networks.

Industrial Networks are extending down into configurations in which several Ethernet ports on a PLC are used to connect to different applications or groups of equipment. From I/O and Drives to SCADA and Engineering stations, Ethernet is becoming a common carrier of information. Multiple isolated networks or VLANs will further complicate troubleshooting and IntraVUE will provide a powerful method for individuals troubleshooting these applications.

This is a typical example of Ethernet used in several separate isolated networks in which the Ethernet switches are configured to separate traffic using VLANs. IntraVUE provides a view of each VLAN to simplify support and troubleshooting.

Intelligent Transportation

"Most transportation professionals agree that we cannot simply build our way out of urban congestion problems. Intelligent transportation systems provide the technology to enable people to make smart travel choices."

ITS, University of Washington

In order to achieve transportation system improvements, Ethernet and web-based applications will be required. The use of TCP/IP devices in the transportation area is growing rapidly. However, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or electrical fluctuations can cause decreased life of equipment. It is important that tools be developed to help identify and resolve these problems quickly.

Network Vision's software has been tailored to help the technicians and service people who are responsible for ensuring continuous operation of network connected equipment. The ability to continuously monitor equipment will provide a means to quickly troubleshoot intermittent problems, problems which initially reduce performance and then ultimately create downtime. IntraVUE™ works with all kinds of media including wireless Ethernet, providing an accurate picture of the messages being transmitted over the network. IntraVUE™ also works in standard Star topologies as well as Ring topologies or Rapid Spanning Tree.

The large and distributed nature of Intelligent Transportation systems creates an ideal environment in which the benefits of IntraVUE™ are quickly realized. The product is tailored to the specific task of supporting the devices and people responsible for optimized network performance. The product is being applied to ITS applications through a variety of hardware and solution providers.

Building Automation

Leading Building Automation suppliers are integrating Ethernet into their communication networks. Connecting energy management, HVAC, surveillance cameras, access control, and voice over TCP/IP will consolidate and simplify the communications between various systems found in most Building Automation systems. IntraVUE™ is the clear choice for anyone involved in the planning, installation or service of these new systems. Technicians, once familiar with IntraVUE™, will be reluctant to visit a location to troubleshoot a problem without this powerful tool. IntraVUE™ takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. It automatically discovers and maps where the connections are made and highlights any connection changes or additions. This function is vital when there is a large and distributed area in which the devices are located. You can even capture the network configuration for offline analysis or planning purposes.

IntraVUE™ can be added to many building management packages, providing enhancement to existing product offerings. Running in the background to ensure the devices and network equipment is properly operating or alarming if devices are added, moved or removed from the system, IntraVUE™ increases the security and performance of the network. IntraVUE™ can even be configured to display non-Ethernet equipment and provide links to user manuals, wiring diagrams, or operating instructions. IntraVUE™ creates a framework where devices with web interfaces can easily be accessed. The scalability of IntraVUE™ from systems with only 16 devices to large complexes with thousands of devices, ensures that you maintain a cost effective solution.

Security & Video Surveillance

Deployment of IP addressable cameras, video encoders, DVRs and NVRs as well as access control equipment will expand, as Ethernet becomes the communication network for security and surveillance. Multicast transmissions will provide greater video capability while also putting greater traffic and variable loads on the network. Video device performance may be questioned when, in reality, it was a network issue such as a poorly performing switch or connection causing the problem.

IntraVUE™ has been adopted by several Video Surveillance equipment companies to help enhance their hardware offering and simplify support. IntraVUE has been enhanced to offer graphical and topological viewing of both Analog cameras and IP cameras in hybrid applications.

IntraVUE is already in use for surveillance applications by the US government, Armed Services, Hospitals, Warehouse/Distribution Centers, Municipal, and many other security applications. IntraVUE has been used in many high security applications in which the performance of the network is critical.

Video Surveillance applications are going through a transition as analog cameras are being replaced by IP based cameras. In many applications a hybrid mix of analog and IP based cameras will be common for system upgrades. Storage media and multiple access stations will also be IP based. Security and Video Surveillance technicians will require a method to help analyze disruptions as connection and bandwidth problems occur.

Network Vision Inc. was founded by a group of professionals who were eager to bring their ideas about Industrial Ethernet to the automation industry - an industry that requires constant innovation and process improvement.  Unencumbered by corporate bureaucracies, and possessing extensive technical and marketing experience allows the company to be agile and responsive to the evolving markets.

Server-Based Monitoring

Networks that are required to operate continuously may not always have support on a 24/7 basis. Network Disruptions from external factors or from misbehaving devices can happen at any time. IntraVUE™ was designed to be installed on a network to continuously monitor activities. With the server-based option, any individual with browser access to the computer running IntraVUE™ can also have access to the software from a remote location. This browser access to IntraVUE™ is ideal for small remote applications or multiple site installations, allowing offsite service and troubleshooting. Alarms can be sent by the IntraVUE™ server as email messages or as messages sent to a system alarm handler or to the historian.

Installing separate IntraVUE™ packages in various networks can segment the areas for local support while allowing the viewing of all of the different areas from a central site. There is no limit to the number of clients viewing the IntraVUE™ software through browsers. Security access can be assigned to each IntraVUE™ server, allowing only individuals with the proper password to access the specific network. Used in conjunction with VLANs, IntraVUE™ can provide the viewer a restricted view of the network and its associated devices.

Server versions are also popular for outsourced service providers. The service provider can be notified via an email of a problem or they can view the current status without needing to physically send out a technician. Coupled with the ability to see intermittent faults and network changes remotely, the service provider can reduce the time to both respond to and identify a fault. These capabilities reduce support cost dramatically.

Embedded Application

Operator stations or supervisory systems are increasingly relying on Ethernet for communications. These systems, which tend to be focused on a specific application, have little knowledge about the network infrastructure that is used to transport the data from the devices to the system operator. Whether a Security/Surveillance, Building Automation, Intelligent Transportation, or Industrial/Municipal solution,the application relies on the network for transporting the information. Video, data, and voice all are transported over the Ethernet cable, but these systems are typically not well equipped to easily identify disruptions.

IntraVUE™ can be easily integrated into applications, providing an enhanced capability to address network problems. The IntraVUE™ software can be added as a task in the background and interfaced to many existing solutions. With its primary focus the monitoring and discovery of devices being added, moved or removed from the network, IntraVUE™ provides an additional level of security. It can reduce confusion as to the source and duration of a network disruption. Some 30% of all system problems that are assumed to be software or driver issues are network infrastructure problems. The ability to quickly determine the nature of the disturbance or interruption will increase uptime and reduce unnecessary support costs.

Many OEMs are embedding IntraVUE™ into their product offerings. The IntraVUE™ event log can be a powerful tool to determine cause and effect of performance questions. The package is very scalable with versions supporting from 16 devices up to several hundred. Operators can receive an alarm and bring up the IntraVUE™ display to highlight devices overloading the network, devices accidentally moved or removed, or a number of other events/problems easily viewed with the powerful graphical interface.

Portable Test Tool

  • Have you ever gone to a location to troubleshoot an Ethernet network that had little or no details on the number of devices and how they were interconnected?
  • Have you found yourself pulling on Ethernet cables to see what port on a switch a specific device was connected to?
  • Would you like to have the ability to take snapshots of networks you support and then take them back to your office and run them offline for analysis or future planning?
  • Would you like to have the ability to monitor a network and immediately know what has been added, moved or removed?

Now there is a tool that you can install on your laptop, along with your other programming and configuration tools, that will give you the ability to do all of the above and more.

Whether you're an engineer responsible for a number of isolated networks, an OEM that would like to document each system shipped, or a Systems Integrator with many clients, IntraVUE™ software is a must.

As IP devices are deployed in an increasing number of applications IntraVUE™ will provide you with a simple and easy to use tool. The Auto-Discovery and Auto-Mapping features take all of the guesswork out of device deployment. Simply input the IP address ranges you want to discover and IntraVUE™ will do the rest. There is no complex configuration required and no time-consuming manual updating as devices are added.

This is a tool developed specifically for individuals responsible for the support of network equipment and the IP addressable devices connected to it. IntraVUE™ is a tool you will come to rely on daily, with the easiest setup and interface available in the market today.


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