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Panasonic-Toughbook, IPC, TPC.

About Toughbook

Toughbook doesn’t just lead the ruggedized computing market, it defined it. Since our first model launched more than a decade ago, Toughbooks have created their own niche in the world of mobile technology, redefining the possibilities of access to data and applications in the most challenging of environments. It’s created a situation in which we dominate the ruggedized market, with around 64.4% market share*. Now, people don’t refer to ‘rugged’ or ‘durable’ laptops. They simply refer to Toughbooks.  *Source: VDC

Introducing the full Toughbook range

Whatever your sector, whatever your challenge, there will be a Toughbook solution for you. Ranging from the ultra-durability of our fully ruggedized devices through to the specialist skills of our CF-H1 mobile clinical assistant and CF-U1 ultra-mobile PC, they are ready and willing to help you go further, achieve more and transform the way you work. But which is the Toughbook for you? You can either use our online product selector or click on the relevant Toughbook category on the left.


The market-leading, rotating screen, convertible notebook, which sets the benchmark in ruggedness.


CF-52 High Model

A powerful mobile machine that combines the high performance of a desktop with the durability and reliability of a rugged notebook. CF-58-P

CF-52 Standard Model, The ideal all-round notebook when you’re on the move or in the office


As the world’s first ruggedized ultra-mobile PC, the Toughbook CF-U1 combines maximum functionality and connectivity in a compact size, with extreme durability.



Mobile clinical assistant

A fully rugged mobile clinical assistant (MCA). Easily sanitized against infection, waterproof and able to withstand drops, it can be used for anything from reading patient notes to accessing medical databases.

CF-H1 Field

The Toughbook CF-H1 is a unique tool. Unique in its ability to transform the way
mobile professionals work – wherever and whenever that might be.


Combining ground-breaking ergonomics, rugged design and outstanding performance, the Toughbook CF-C1 redefines the way mobile professionals operate, allowing them to be more productive than ever before.

CF-31 Performance Model

Offering the ultimate balance of screen, performance and rugged reliability, the CF-31 is the flagship of the 
Toughbook range.


CF-U1 Person Identification Mini Dock 

The complete mobile person identification solution for border control, police patrol and security forces. Fully rugged and designed to attach to the Toughbook CF-U1 Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), the revolutionary CF-U1 PIMD, including OCR and RFID Reader, with optional fingerprint scanner, is among the most cost-competitive and powerful identity-checking solutions available today.


14.1" widescreen LCD notebook with optical disc drive, for professionals who require the ultimate in optimum mobility, reliability and connectivity.


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