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SCADA Client becomes mobile!
Movicon™ Web Client is the only Scada/HMI in the world that allows Web Clients to log on with mobile phone devices, all made possible with the Web client Midlet, to consent access to the supervisor using normal mobile phones with Java J2ME 2.0 support.  Users can now receive event notifications over the phone, connect immediately to the plant system (GPRS/UMTS) to get information on tags, alarms, historicals and even display and interact with screens wherever they happen to be.

SCADA Solutions


Industrial Wireless

INS offers a wide range of wireless solutions.

  • WiFi
  • HotSpot
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Radio link VHF/UHF
  • Microwave link
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus
  • Profibus
  • Serial
  • HART
  • DNP
  • IEC
  • IO's
  • GPS
  • CANbus

We can combine the different network types for the optimal inferstruktue according to your requirements.

wireless Profibus

The ProLinx High Speed Wireless PROFIBUSSolution creates a powerful wireless connection between Master and/or Slave devices on a PROFIBUS DP network.

6104-WA-PDPM / 6105-WA-PDPS

Link to Wireless PROFIBUS

Racom, Ray Microwave link

Ray - high-speed microwave point-to-point bridge was developed by RACOM based on its experience with building data networks around the world.

  • 256 QAM, modulation data rate of 200 Mbps, user data rate of 170 Mbps
  • Software Defined Radio, OS Linux
  • Web interface, graphs and logs including history
  • 1 GB Ethernet including option of PoE power supply
  • FOD + built-in diagnostics => easy and quick installation
  • All specifications confirmed by certified laboratory
  • Best functionality for particular site guaranteed

Microwave link

3G / WAN

Industrial extranets for infrastructure, utilities.

eWON Industrial extranets

The idea behind an extranet is to expand the LAN externally, which means using eWON units in 3G/3G+ or ADSL/WAN mode to securely and permanently link remote sites to a central monitoring station. From there, a SCADA application can poll values using IP addresses with no need for dial-up links. Thanks to their broad protocol support and I/O server library, eWON units can monitor Ethernet or serial devices, acquire data, and publish data via Modbus TCP. As a router, the eWON unit also enables transparent access to any Ethernet device. In addition, the eWON unit can send alarm notifications by email or text messaging when necessary and enables remote maintenance operations on automation devices connected to it.

Industrial extranets

Racom Radio link, UHF/VHF

RACOM radio modems make a trend in modem radio market. Radio modems for frequencies in the 70-900 MHz band are the primary building blocks of the MORSE communication system. Radio modems are designed and produced in 2 main categories: PROFI and ECONOMY:


PROFI line.

Compared to common radio modem on the wireless data network market, the main difference is represented by the high-end intelligence what makes RACOM radio modems rather radio routers then simple radio modems. RACOM offers radio modem for all common bands and channel spacings in both half-duplex and full-duplex options with output power up to 25 watts. The modular concept of construction means that solutions can be adapted to every customer’s individual requirements.


Transparent radio modems are primarily suitable for smaller networks and less demanding applications. Regardless these radio modems are software defined radio based. Their main features of these radio modems are: simple configuration (www browser), wide tuning range, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces.

Data rate and Rx/Tx switching time of all RACOM radio modems are on the border of physical possibilities.

RACOM radio modems are constructed to withstand the most demanding of environments and they are in operation in the most diverse applications on every continent of the planet.

All types of networks can be built from RACOM radio modems: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint including mobile cell networks.

Radio link IP network



WiFi, HotSpot 802.11n Industrial Broadband up to 300Mbps

The RadioLinx 802.11n Industrial Hotspot series provides wireless solutions for plant-floor and field automation applications. The Industrial Hotspot family provides the rugged performance and ease of deployment required for industrial applications. These 802.11n Hotspots use multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) technology supporting up to 3 antennas. This allows fast data rates up to 300Mbps providing advanced performance in industrial environments.

More than just a new 802.11 technology, the RLXIB-IHN family adds RADIUS security for centralized management of security policies, VLANs for network traffic segmentation, and data prioritization while continuing to include the industrial wireless features that have made previous Industrial Hotspots successful.

Industrial access point

WiFi, HotSpot 802.11abg Industrial Broadband up to 54 Mbps

The RadioLinx® 802.11abg Industrial Hotspot™ (RLXIB-IHW) is a high-speed wireless Ethernet radio, with PoE and Serial Encapsulation. The RLXIB-IHW operates at speeds up to 54 Mbps, using the IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz band) and 802.11a (5 GHz band) standards. Designed for global installations, the RLXIB-IHW offers many Industrial features including hazardous location certifications, IGMP Snooping, OFDM for noise immunity, repeater mode for mesh architecture/self healing, OPC server diagnostics, extended temperature, high vibration/shock and DIN-rail mounting.

Industrial access point


Weather Resistant RadioLinx Industrial WiFi, HotSpot.

The RadioLinx® Industrial Hotspot (RLXIB-IHW-66) provides high speed industrial wireless Ethernet communications between Ethernet devices such as PLCs, I/O, and operator interfaces while serving as a repeater/bridge for other hotspots, and an access point for wireless clients such as Laptops and PDAs.  

Industrial access point


Wireless POINT I/O Adapter

The ProSoft Technology Wireless POINT I/O Adapter is a high-speed, standards-based 802.11g wireless input/output (I/O) communication adapter offering a convenient wireless alternative for linking Rockwell Automation controllers to distributed process I/O modules. Combining Rockwell Automation’s field proven I/O with ProSoft Technology’s Integrated Wireless Architecture technology and support, the Wireless POINT I/O Adapter provides users an optimum distributed I/O communication solution. 

Wirelessl Ethernet IO


RadioLinx Industrial Frequency Hopping 2.4GHz Ethernet

The RLX-IFH24E provides powerful and secure wireless Ethernet communications and is well suited for demanding, long-range (up to 15+ miles) SCADA and other Ethernet applications in tough environments.  

Frequency Hopping


High Speed Wireless EtherNet/IP Communication Module

The In-Chassis High Speed Wireless EtherNet/IP Communication Module creates a powerful wireless connection between your PC or Laptop and a remote ControlLogix processor. The bridging functionality allows access to other processors in other racks through different networks, using RSLinx, RSLogix, RSView or RSNetWorx. The module emulates similar 1756-ENBT Ethernet module features when used with PC (RSLinx) to processor communications.  

Rockwell CLX wireless ethernet


High Speed Wireless PROFIBUS Solution

The ProLinx High Speed Wireless PROFIBUS Solution creates a powerful wireless connection between Master and/or Slave devices on a PROFIBUS DP network. The modules are stand-alone DIN-rail mounted wireless protocol gateways providing an efficient and powerful over-the-air wireless protocol and a wired PROFIBUS Master or Slave interface port.

On the field device side, the PROFIBUS DP master protocol driver is configured as a Class 1 PROFIBUS DP Master to interface with and control your PROFIBUS DP slave devices. It provides access to both standard and extended diagnostic information and provides freeze/sync capability. Configuration of the PROFIBUS network is accomplished using the ProLinx SyCon Configuration software.

On the controller side, the PROFIBUS DP driver is configured to interface with your PDP master. It provides 200 bytes of read and 200 bytes write cyclic data. The module also provides common and extended diagnostic information and other important module status information.

The overall PROFIBUS network node capacity can be calculated based on the available number of cyclic bytes available in the PDPS slave unit. The slave gateway becomes hard wired to an existing PROFIBUS network controlled by a third party master. The available number of PDPS slave cyclic data is 244 bytes Input and 244 bytes Output data (maximum 400 I/O bytes). For example, if each remote PROFIBUS third party slave connected to the PDPM master gateway consumed 6 Input/Output bytes each a total of 40 slaves can be configured. The remote wireless PDPM master allows up to 512 bytes input and 512 bytes output cyclic data. Multiple PDPS slave units could be used to accommodate larger PROFIBUS networks.


INS is specializes in network communication solutions for industry and automation as well as city automation infrastructure. In order to help you and your customers reduce system costs and gain greater accessibility to crucial data, INS is continually striving to achieve greater integration of all system components.

Inftrstrukter for:

  • Automation
  • GAS
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Power
  • Climate data measuring/logs
  • Weather stations
  • City automation


Reliable and durable modems of MORSE system enabled construction of a data network in demanding high-altitude conditions of the Italian Alps. This hydrometric network operated by the Department of Civil Protection of Bolzano region transmits data necessary for the avalanche prevention, meteorological services and hydrometric services. The highest altitude station is placed on Mount Wilder Freiger at an altitude of 3400 m and is one of the highest meteorological stations in Europe.


Public transport

The MORSE system is utilised by DPMB for data transfer to assist in managing the smooth flow of public transport within the city of Brno.


Metro trains

The MORSE system is also ideal for applications which are demanding on both security and reliability such as data transmission to and from metro trains.

In the Portuguese town of Porto RACOM radio modems are communicating just as reliably in tunnels as they are above ground.


Wireless HART transmitters

Plains Exploration & Production Company Anticipates Significant Benefits from Wireless Installation

In the San Joaquin Valley located in the heart of central California, the nutrient-rich soil from which an estimated 12% of the nation’s agricultural products are derived also happens to be the largest petroleum producing region in the state. These vastly different industries converge in the South Belridge Field just outside of Bakersfield, where the sight of cattle grazing between wells can be seen. It is here that Plains Exploration & Production (PXP) Company transformed their steam injection metering and data acquisition systems into a highly sophisticated, automated process comprised of a large network of WirelessHART transmitters and industrial broadband radios.


Wastewater Treatment

Automation System Renews Wastewater Treatment Plant in Finland

We tend to think about it only when disturbances occur, but wastewater treatment is a basic public service that affects all of us: it is vital to keep our living environment hygienic and healthy and our watercourses clean. Behind the scene, the wastewater treatment process combines microbiology and chemistry with mechanical engineering, instrumentation and automation techniques that offer high performance in a progressive way.


Maritime communication

The MORSE system is also used in maritime communication – an excellent example is the VHF Data network allowing communication between ships on the open sea. Telenor Maritime Radio who operate the network have equipped their base stations across the whole of the Norwegian coast from Oslo to Kirkenes with RACOM devices.



wireless crane solution

Andritz placed a satellite GPS system on each crane to accurately determine their respective locations on the rail. For this to be an effective solution, each crane would need to know the position of the other crane. Andritz selected ProSoft Technology RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot Ethernet radios (RLX-IH) as their wireless solution




ProSoft Wireless Designer

ProSoft Wireless Designer simplifies the task of planning and specifying your ProSoft Wireless network. The easy to use, wizard-based interface creates a visual layout of your radios and sites, and generates a complete Bill of Materials including radios and accessories.

Wireless designer

Free download


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