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Don't know which wireless company to choose?
Let ProSoft Technology make it easy. Our team of experts can show you the best wireless options for your networking needs. That’s because ProSoft Technology has over 20 years of network and protocol expertise combined with the latest in wireless technology.
Our unparalleled customer service and industry-leading technical support teams will insure your critical automation processes run smoothly, efficiently and keep them that way!


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Wireless Profibus

ProSoft Technology offers a wide range of PROFIBUS connectivity solutions including wire and wireless stand-alone gateway products.

Wired profibus

High Speed Wireless PROFIBUS DP Solution

Wireless PROFIBUS DP Mono-Master
Wireless PROFIBUS DP Multi-Master

Wireless PROFIBUS DP Slave

High Speed Wireless PROFIBUS Solution - 6104-WA-PDPM & 6105-WA-PDPS

Prosoft Technology - The ProLinx High Speed Wireless PROFIBUS Solution creates a powerful wireless connection between Master and/or Slave devices on a PROFIBUS DP network. The modules are stand-alone DIN-rail mounted wireless protocol gateways providing an efficient and powerful over-the-air wireless protocol and a wired PROFIBUS Master or Slave interface port.

On the field device side, the PROFIBUS DP master protocol driver is configured as a Class 1 PROFIBUS DP Master to interface with and control your PROFIBUS DP slave devices. It provides access to both standard and extended diagnostic information and provides freeze/sync capability. Configuration of the PROFIBUS network is accomplished using the ProLinx SyCon Configuration software.

On the controller side, the PROFIBUS DP driver is configured to interface with your PDP master. It provides 200 bytes of read and 200 bytes write cyclic data. The module also provides common and extended diagnostic information and other important module status information.

The overall PROFIBUS network node capacity can be calculated based on the available number of cyclic bytes available in the PDPS slave unit. The slave gateway becomes hard wired to an existing PROFIBUS network controlled by a third party master.

The available number of PDPS slave cyclic data is 244 bytes Input and 244 bytes Output data (maximum 400 I/O bytes). For example, if each remote PROFIBUS third party slave connected to the PDPM master gateway consumed 6 Input/Output bytes each a total of 40 slaves can be configured. The remote wireless PDPM master allows up to 512 bytes input and 512 bytes output cyclic data. Multiple PDPS slave units could be used to accommodate larger PROFIBUS networks.

The PROFIBUS DP Master (PDPM) protocol driver supports Master implementations of the protocol on either a Mono-Master or Multi-Master network.

The PROFIBUS DP Slave (PDPS) protocol interface supports the PROFIBUS V0 Slave implementation protocol, providing powerful data transfer capability between the ProLinx module and Siemens PLCs or other hosts. User configurable data mapping and DP port operation make the interface an easy to use and powerful data transfer tool.

Product Applications

The ProLinx 6000 series of wireless products will provide users more flexibility than ever before seen in wireless solutions. Users will be able to connect various field devices using different networks or protocols and share data between these devices over-the-air.

This is accomplished by exchanging shared common database information wirelessly with ProSoft Technology's efficient but powerful wireless protocol, PWP. ProLinx is the first product line to benefit from this technology. With the growing usage of the PROFIBUS DP protocol in the industrial marketplace, this product has a wide variety of application uses. Industries that use this technology include:

  • Power and distribution applications

  • Petrochemical

  • Water and Gas Applications

  • SCADA and DCS applications

  • Manufacturing and Factory Automation Applications

Functional Specifications

Internal Database
The ProLinx module contains an internal database that consists of areas for application data, status information, and configuration information.

The internal database is shared between all ports on the module and is used as a conduit to pass information from a device on one network to one or more devices on another network.

Application Data Area
The data area is used to store and retrieve data by the protocol drivers and for data exchange between protocols. The database is used as a source for write commands to remote devices and holds data collected from the remote devices. Commands defined in the configuration file (stored in the configuration data area) control how the data is to be handled in the database.

Status Data Area
This area is used to store error codes, counters, and port status information for each port.

Configuration Data Area
This area contains module configuration information such as port configuration, network information, and command configuration. This configuration file is downloaded to, or uploaded from, this area.

PROFIBUS DP Master Protocol Specifications

The PROFIBUS Master protocol driver exists as a single port implementation. The driver can be configured as a Class 1 PROFIBUS Master to interface with other PROFIBUS slave devices. The unit is also used for configuration of the nodes on the PROFIBUS network. It provides access to both standard as well as extended diagnostic information. The PROFIBUS master port can be used to continuously interface with PROFIBUS slave devices over a serial communication interface (RS-485).


ProSoft Technology

More then 160 defend stand-alone gateways!


About ProSoft Technology

Over the last 20 years, ProSoft Technology’s product lines have grown to over 400 communication interface modules supporting more than 60 different protocols. ProSoft Technology’s connectivity options enable controller platforms to provide solutions in areas such as computing gas flow calculations and SCADA telemetry applications. The solutions also enable interfacing to motor control, drives and other devices in industries such as water/wastewater, power generation, oil & gas, machinery, packaging and production.

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