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Microwave link

Racom Ray, the easy way to a Professional High speed site to site link!.

Distance: Line-of-sight

Ray - high-speed microwave point-to-point bridge was developed by RACOM based on its experience with building data networks around the world. Radio modems, the traditional products of RACOM, are part of all types of networks in more than 50 countries on all continents.

  • 256 QAM, modulation data rate of 200 Mbps, user data rate of 170 Mbps
  • Software Defined Radio, OS Linux
  • Web interface, graphs and logs including history
  • 1 GB Ethernet including option of PoE power supply
  • FOD + built-in diagnostics easy and quick installation
  • All specifications confirmed by certified laboratory
  • Best functionality for particular site guaranteed


Data rates

  • Modulation data rate 200 Mbps, user data rate 170 Mbps for 256 QAM
  • SW Selectable Modulation: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM
  • Feature ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation)
  • Highest user data throughput for particular location guaranteed


  • Made entirely of components for military or industrial use
  • Overvoltage and electrostatic protection
  • Certified for temperature -30 ° C to +55 ° C
  • Each piece tested in climatic chamber and in real conditions
  • Outstanding reliability of its own communication:
    • High sensitivity of receiver
      -87 dBm / 41Mbps / QPSK / 28 MHz
      -67 dBm / 170Mbps / 256QAM / 28 MHz
      -96 dBm / 8,45Mbps / QPSK / 7 MHz
    • Extreme resistance of the radio part to interferences
    • LDPC (Low-Density Parity-Check) coding (inc. FEC) is adjustable in 2 levels


  • FOD (Full Outdoor), cast of aluminum alloy, direct mounting on the antenna
  • Change of polarization simply by rotating 90o (4 fixing screws)
  • Acoustic signalization of antenna alignment (+ analog. voltage BNC connector)
  • Complete installation and setup in minutes


  • Outright compliant with all relevant European and Czech standards inc. the data rate of 170 Mbps
  • All specifications measured in certified laboratory of Czech metrology institute.


  • Configuration via HTTPS, SSH
  • Real-time control of opposite station serial number during communication
  • Theft protection: unique SSH key for each serial number


  • www interface
  • History charts of temperature, power supply, RSS, SNR, BER, data rate
  • SNMP including generation of TRAPs when preset thresholds exceeded
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer for finding free channel
  • Automatic detection of configured polarization
  • Constellation diagram of received signal


  • Untuned input filter
  • Completely SW tunable inc. combination of channels 4, 7 at full rates, sensitivity and resistance
  • Second Eth port optional (physically separated for service access - "out-of-band" supervision)
  • Direct mounting of antennas from various producers, including possibility of flexible waveguide


About Racom

Radio modem data networks are the main focus of RACOM since its birth in 1992. RACOM is currently one of the world leaders on radio modem market. Typical use of RACOM radio modems is in radio data networks for SCADA & radio telemetry system. Radio modems of RACOM family are suitable also for fleet management applications. RACOM modem radio is frequently used also in transaction and lottery radio networks.

RACOM radio modems exceed in unique anti collision packet protocol on radio channel. This radio packet protocol allows both polling and spontaneous communication at the same time. The possibility of store and forward repeaters enables to built large radio data networks with unlimited number of radio modems. The intelligence of RACOM radio modems is so high, that it is better to call RACOM radio modem a radio router.

Together with radio modem family RACOM designs and produces GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modems for industry applications. GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modem and radio modem can be combined in unique communication system called MORSE. Therefore MORSE joins together advantages of both radio network and GPRS/EDGE/UMTS network.

Another accessories such as communication routers, power supplies etc. are designed and produced by RACOM as well. RANEC is a network management software made by RACOM to be used for MORSE data network maintenance. MORSE is a convenient system for wireless data packet networks of any scale mainly used for SCADA and Telemetry communication.


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