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Embedded VPN, IPC, Router, Computer: WAN, 4 PoE, 4 GbE

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The Endian-for-eWON is a new and dedicated VPN server for all eWON modules with VPN embedded.

Endian4eWON fig.

The Endian-for-eWON allowing permanent remote VPN connections. Both are designed for easy deployment and management through embedded Web based user interface. A configuration Wizard is available within the eWON to achieve a complete Industrial extranet in a mouse click allowing the use of classical SCADA software for the monitoring and the remote control of your application.

Industrial extranets For infrastructure, utilities and system integrators

The idea behind an extranet is to expand the LAN externally, which means using eWON units in GPRS, 3G/3G+ or ADSL mode to securely and permanently link remote sites to a central monitoring station. From there, a SCADA application can poll values using IP addresses with no need for dial-up links. Thanks to their broad protocol support and I/O server library, eWON units can monitor Ethernet or serial devices, acquire data, and publish data via Modbus TCP. As a router, the eWON unit also enables transparent access to any Ethernet device. In addition, the eWON unit can send alarm notifications by email or text messaging when necessary and enables remote maintenance operations on automation devices connected to it.

Secure permanent remote connections with Endian for eWON

Surveillance or monitoring activities in an infrastructure or utility network may require the establishment of permanent connections if the data cannot be collected using conventional polling methods. Compared to dedicated radio telemetry and leased phone lines, IP technologies (including the Internet) have become cost effective options (the pricing model of technologies such as GPRS, 3G/3G+ and ADSL is either flat-rate or based on data volume). 

Connectivity between the remote terminal units (RTUs) and the central site – i.e. the supervisor application (SA) – is achieved by means of eWON devices (RTUs) with VPN technology on board and an Endian for eWON VPN server. The Endian for eWON server is a firewall and VPN server utility designed for easy deployment and management, which provides an intuitive Web-based user interface for accessing all of its integrated features. Your industrial extranet is just a few clicks away...  

The extranet has a star network topology, and the VPN server is located at the central node of this star. We have defined three topologies, depending where the Endian for eWON VPN server is located on the SA network: 

More eWON info

VPN, Firewall and Security

VPN from INS is integrated solutions, for connecting your Industri and office networks without sacrificing the efficiency or security of your connections: in about a minute you can create a stable and fully operational Gateway to Gateway private network.

Endian VPN - eWON VPN - Prosoft Technology VPN - Korinex VPN

Large Enterprises VPN Network

Large enterprises require high levels of coordination between their divisions in order to best manage their production and business processes. Headquarter offices, branch offices and delocalized industrial plants need to take advantage of information systems and interconnected services not only to ensure access to intranets and the company’s data, but also to exploit the benefits of the latest technologies, such as VoIP.

Endian VPN is a highly reliable and scalable solution for rapidly connecting the networks of large enterprises with complete security and to meet the complex requirements of modern information networks. With Endian VPN you will always have complete control over the enterprise network.

Industrial Plants VPN Network

Monitoring industrial plants, especially if they are geographically displaced, requires the creation of highly stable, secure and easy-to-manage networks. Malfunction of these networks can have serious effects on both the local plant and the overall production activity. Conversely, an efficient and secure network infrastructure makes it possible to track the status and the possible problems of every plant and to provide timely assistance to restore proper functioning.

Endian VPN combines ease of use with flexibility and extreme reliability in order to meet all the requirements for setting up networks aimed at supporting monitoring of industrial plants, even in the most complex cases. Moreover, the integration with Endian UTM ensures industrial clients a complete network security solution, which means reduced networking costs and less equipment to manage.

Remote Users / Workforce VPN Network

The availability of new technologies supporting users to work remotely and the significant cost decrease associated with a mobile workforce on an international scale offer many great potential business opportunities for growth and expansion. Remote users that provide support at your customers’ offices increasingly need to access the enterprise network and perform their job tasks as if they were on-site.

Whether you are a small company looking for new opportunities or a large enterprise that already has an established mobile workforce, Endian is the perfect solution. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of its configuration, Endian VPN will allow you to support your remote staff effectively by easily setting up user-specific connections with complete security against unauthorized access to your network.

VoIP VPN Network

The VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is revolutionizing phone communications by offering new functionalities and dramatically lowering telecommunication costs. A good, reliable VoIP service requires strong and granular control over network traffic (QoS) in order to truly provide valuable business savings opportunities.

Endian VPN, thanks to its Quality of Service module that is integrated in all Endian solutions, can easily and simply meet these requirements. It is also possible to create and manage your own VoIP service on completely secured networks. For example, with Endian VPN you can create secure connections from a remote office network to a telephone switchboard in your main office, thereby improving your communication infrastructure and dramatically reducing the telecommunication costs.

Endian Network: Remote Access your Appliances with Complete Security

Endian Network is a Web-based centralized solution for remote access of all Endian hardware and software appliances. This essential tool provides an invaluable service to all Endian users, from the small business to a large reseller or managed service provider.

Endian Network combines:

  • Advanced functionality. Endian Network is a unified solution for accessing, monitoring, updating and upgrading your appliances on-line: no supplementary applications need to be installed.
  • Extreme simplicity of use. Endian Network provides an unmatched combination of advanced functionality and simplicity of use: the Web-based user interface ensures effective control over your appliances without the need to learn complicated procedures and tools.
  • No additional fees. Endian Network is included in Standard Maintenance, so no additional fees are required: if you have a valid maintenance license, you are ready to access and use Endian Network.

Endian Network Advantages

Centralized Remote Access

  • Access your or you customer's devices from everywhere a Internet connection is available, without creating any security problem on the remote device
  • Use Endian Network as a monitoring tool for a managed network service provider activity
  • Manage users with delegated hierarchical control: you can provision access to your customers so they can see only their devices, while you, as administrator, can access all your customer's appliances

Centralized Updates & Upgrades

  • Keep all of your systems secure and up-to-date with security updates and patches by centrally pushing out updates using the intuitive and simple interface
  • Migrate seamlessly from one version to the next using the built-in upgrade capability provided by Endian Network
  • Track which changes have been made to any device by a given user and see the result of every update or upgrade that has been applied

Centralized Access to Endian Services

  • Download additional Endian services (such as Endian VPN client) from Endian Network and easily install them on your devices

A Completely Secure Service

  • No security holes or backdoors will be created on the remote devices
  • You can easily disable access by Endian without turning off the service
  • Endian Network is based on the latest generation of encryption standards and no sensitive information is transmitted across the service
  • Endian Network is only reserved for remote access, monitoring, updates and upgrades: no other uses by unauthorized users is possible

Endian VPN:

Ensured Efficiency and Ease of Use

Endian VPN supports both the OpenVPN and the IPSec protocols. This unique characteristic is delivered through a Endian's user-friendly and intuitive interface and ensures a high level of interoperability:

  • You will have access to the most recent VPN technologies that integrate with your existing systems
  • You will be able to set up fully operational and secure connections between your offices in a few short minutes
  • You can rely on stable and secure connections based on SSL/TLS, the latest generation of cryptographic protocols for securing network communications currently used to secure Web traffic for millions of sites worldwide (e.g. HTTPS)

Great Flexibility

With Endian VPN you can define and manage network connections with extremely flexibility, adapting them to suit your specific needs:

  • Create multiple and distributed networks using VPN Gateway to Gateway
  • Manage your network traffic in detail by defining granular firewall access rules based on users, network addresses or location
  • Enable remote user connections to your network (VPN Host to Gateway) and take advantage of the intuitive Endian VPN client, which is universally compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Define custom per-user profiles to provide enhanced security and more granular control over user connections

Endian VPN and Endian UTM: Complete Security

Endian VPN is completely integrated with Endian UTM, the world-leading open source solution for network security. This unique characteristic ensures complete protection against Internet threats, such as viruses and unauthorized access to your network.

Simplify your network administration and management and reduce network maintenance costs dramatically.

If you wish to connect your office networks and/or provide remote user access quickly, efficiently and with complete security, then Endian VPN is the solution for you.

Endian Hotspot

Endian Hotspot is an integrated and easy to use solution to give your customers access to the Internet via wireless or cable connection and through any suitable device, such as laptops, netbooks and smartphones.

With Endian Hotspot you will be able to create a new service from scratch as well as optimize an existing service in a few steps.

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Endian is Network Security - Protect yourself with Endian Firewall

Endian has changed the network security landscape by providing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution with a unique management experience: deploy quickly, manage easily and stay flexible. Thousands of networks worldwide are already secured by Endian UTM, keeping organizations safe against data theft, viruses, spyware, spam and other Internet threats.

Endian is Open Source - Keep safe today and in the future

Endian is the only IT-Security vendor that can offer custom and off-the-shelf security solutions based on open source. If you have any special requirements, our development team can adapt our products to your needs. Every custom feature or module will be integrated into the main product, assuring long term maintenance and lifetime.

Endian is Passion - Be part of it

Endian was founded in 2003 by a team of experienced network specialists and linux enthusiasts. Their objective: Providing sophisticated open source based solutions. In 2004 they started the development of Endian UTM, trying to implement a system that fulfils the requirements of a modern network security solution. Since the first release in 2005 more than 2500 customers in 37 countries have decided in favour of Endian UTM. In the same time frame Endian Firewall Community has been downloaded more than 550.000 times by our growing community.

Endian 4i

Branch Office and Industrial

Endian 4i is the ideal solution for satellite offices and industrial facilities and is available in two versions: Office and Industrial. Both of them have all of the features required to connect the networks of branches and remote offices in a simple and secure way.

Endian UTM Mini

Small Networks

(Suggested Users 5-25) Endian UTM Mini is the ideal Unified Threat Management solution for remote offices and small businesses. Advanced security features such as stateful inspection, anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, VoIP support and hotspot management.

Endian UTM Mercury

Medium Networks

(Suggested Users 10-100) Endian designed Endian UTM Mercury to fulfill the demand of Small-to-Medium businesses requiring a comprehensive security solution that offers the highest level of network security.

Endian UTM Macro X series

Large Networks

(Suggested Users 50 - 500) Endian UTM Macro X series appliances meet the needs of Medium-to-Large businesses requiring a highly available and powerful appliance for demanding networks.

Endian UTM Macro R series

Large Networks

(Suggested Users 100 - 2,500) Endian UTM Macro R series is the highest-performance appliance, capable of managing and filtering the traffic of the most demanding networks.

Endian UTM Software Edition

Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management Appliance. Endian UTM Software Edition offers the same technology that resides in the Unified Treat Management (UTM).

Trafic information and cams

Water and waste water


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