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Don't know which wireless company to choose?
Let ProSoft Technology make it easy. Our team of experts can show you the best wireless options for your networking needs. That’s because ProSoft Technology has over 20 years of network and protocol expertise combined with the latest in wireless technology.
Our unparalleled customer service and industry-leading technical support teams will insure your critical automation processes run smoothly, efficiently and keep them that way!


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SlotServer Communication Modules

ProSoft Technology is now the exclusive provider of SlotServer Communication Modules manufactured by FieldServer.

The SlotServer modules provide communication for a number of Building Automation Systems and Fire Alarm Control Panel protocols previously not available via ControlLogix.

SlotServer Communication Modules by FieldServer

LonWorks Communication Modules
The LonWorks Communication module interfaces directly to LonWorks communications network. LonWorks is a key open system protocol used in building automation, transportation, and process control. Providing a standard generic profile allows most of the more common Standard Network Variable Types (SNVT's) to be bound to the module for data transfer. The LonWorks Module provides two-way connectivity to energy management systems, HVAC controls, VFD, generators and building control systems available from such manufacturer's as Honeywell, Circon, Johnson Controls, Distech Controls, Echelon, Tridium, Loytec, and many more.

BACnet Communication Modules
BACnet is a widely used protocol used by major building automation system manufactures in control systems and devices to monitor and control building operations. In process control plants it is often necessary to interface the building management information with the process control information. The BACnet module is the only device capable of interfacing BACnet data directly to ControlLogix. These modules are available for BACnet PTP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet Ethernet and BACnet IP.

Metasys N2 Communication Modules
Johnson Controls Metasys N2 is used in building control systems and devices manufactured by Johnson Controls and their broad range of Metasys by Johnson Controlspartners. The JCI Metasys Module can act as a Master or Slave and can handle over 3000 addresses.

Building Automation Systems Communication Modules
Building Automation Systems (BAS) include BACnet, Metasys, and proprietary protocols such as Carrier, Caterpillar, Cleaver Brooks, Data Aire, McQuay, TAC, York and many others. Building Automation Protocols are utilized by a wide variety of building devices including HVAC, VAV, boiler controls, chillers, air conditioners, fume hoods and more. The BAS drivers normally enable two-way communication from ControlLogix platform to these devices.

Notifies NCA Fire Alarm Panels
FieldServer Technologies has developed protocol drivers for most Fire Alarm Control Panel manufacturers, including Notifier, Simplex, EST (GE Security), Siemens, Fike, Vesda, FCI, Spectronics, Gamewell and others Most Fire Alarm Control Panel protocols are primarily one-way communications due to the restrictions set by the NFPA.

FieldServer Technology products now being sold by ProSoft Technology

ProSoft Catalog # FieldServer Catalog # Product Description


FS-RA-CLX-LON-000 LonWorks Basic Communication Module
PS56-LON-001 FS-RA-CLX-LON-001 LonWorks Configurable Communication Module
Building Automation System Protocols
PS56-BAS-064 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-064 ATMI ACM Communication Module
PS56-BAS-402 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-402 BACnet Ethernet Communication Module
PS56-BAS-406 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-406 BACnet/IP Communication Module
PS56-BAS-073 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-073 BACnet MS/TP Communication Module
PS56-BAS-016 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-016 BACnet PTP Communication Module
PS56-BAS-059 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-059 Canatal Communication Module
PS56-BAS-082 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-082 Carrier DataLink (Read/Write) Communication Module
PS56-BAS-086 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-086 Carrier Dataport (Read Only) Communication Module
PS56-BAS-056 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-056 Caterpillar M5X Communication Module
PS56-BAS-023 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-023 Cleaver Brooks Communication Module
PS56-BAS-049 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-049 Data Aire DAP Communication Module
PS56-BAS-078 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-078 Data Aire DART Communication Module
PS56-BAS-088 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-088 Envirotronics Systems Plus Communication Module
PS56-BAS-060 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-060 Gardner Denver Communication Module
PS56-BAS-069 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-069 Interlogix Advent Communication Module
PS56-BAS-097 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-097 Lutron eLumen Machine Communication Module
PS56-BAS-080 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-080 McQuay Communication Module
PS56-BAS-019 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-019 Metasys N2 Open Communication Module
PS56-BAS-061 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-061 Pneumatic Products ADC Communication Module
PS56-BAS-067 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-067 RussElectric Communication Module
PS56-BAS-101 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-101 Setra Digital Pressure Gage Model 371 Communication Module
PS56-BAS-071 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-071 TAC I/Net Communication Module
PS56-BAS-051 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-051 United Power Communication Module
PS56-BAS-074 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-074 VeederRoot Communication Module
PS56-BAS-070 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-070 WS-3000 TABS Communication Module
PS56-BAS-030 FS-RA-CLX-BAS-030 YorkTalk Communication Module
Notifier NCA Fire Alarm Panel
PS56-FIR-039 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-039 EST3 ECP Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-093 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-093 EST-Quick Start Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-048 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-048 Fike Cheetah Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-112 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-112 Gamewell-FCI 7100 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-110 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-110 Gamewell-FCI 7200 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-132 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-132 Gamewell-FCI E4 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-083 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-083 Gamewell Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-045 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-045 Grinnell TFX/Minerva Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-137 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-137 Hochiki Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-058 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-058 ILCO 9001Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-025 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-025 Notifier - INA Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-052 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-052 Notifier Italia AM6001 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-068 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-068 Notifier Italia CEI-ABI Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-098 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-098 Notifier NCA Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-095 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-095 Notifier NFS-3031 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-130 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-130 Notifier NFS2-3030, NFS2-NCA Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-090 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-090 Notifier NFS-320, NFS-640, NFS2-641 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-009 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-009 Notifier-1010/2021 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-026 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-026 Notifier-AFP 200/300/400/601 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-072 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-072 Secutron Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-040 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-040 Siemens Fire MXL Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-065 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-065 Silent Knight Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-041 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-041 Simplex 4101 Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-042 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-042 Spectronics Fire Alarm Communication Module
PS56-FIR-043 FS-RA-CLX-FIR-043 VESDA Fire Alarm Communication Module
Allen-Bradley PCCC Ethernet Module
PS56-PRO-407 FS-RA-CLX-PRO-407 Allen Bradley PCCC EtherNet Communication Module

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