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Talk2M PRO

New pricing! Talk2M Pro, Remote access VPN Server - "Unlimited"

Talk2M Pro is now available as from 485kr /month for an unlimited number of eWONs including

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple concurrent connections
  • Powerful user access control
  • Reporting 
  • and Guarantee of Services (SLA)

Talk2M Pro provides secure on-demand access for a large number of remote machines and devices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. Additionally, Talk2M Pro enables several users to access many machines at the same time. Combined with eWON technology, it facilitates perfect integration with a large variety of PLCs and automated devices. A fully detailed connection report itemized by machine is available each month. Now it is possible to provide Web API* and data repository* features for third-party applications, which makes Talk2M Pro a powerful remote service platform that can grow with your needs.

eCatcher Pro, the VPN client of Talk2M Pro, provides an intuitive user interface for accessing a large number of machines and devices over the Internet. Users can work independently and manage their own accounts (other users and remote machines) without any need for IT experts. For example, user access can be restricted to a specific group of machines, and users can be granted or denied the ability to manage other users. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while circumventing IT complexity. eCatcherPro is your eWON address book and single-click access tool for your machines worldwide.


  • Mission critical SaaS (software as a service) hosting
  • Over broadband and mobile Internet
  • Multi-user
  • Access control for users and machines
  • Connection traceability and full reporting itemized by machine
  • Secure VPN access to machines
  • Web API
  • Data repository*
  • Easy deployment and IT friendly

*Not yet available


eCatcher Talk2M Pro - Account Configuration Example

talk2M PRO PDF

Upgrade to Talk2M Pro



eWON 2005CD/4005CD - eWON 2101CD/4101CD - eWON 2104CD/4104CD

eWON Remore access.



eWON Remote access is the new flexible communication solution. Offering Machine Builders/OEMs, Utility Managers and System Integrators, dual LAN/Modem connectivity to access remote machines and assets through Internet. eWON and Talk2M is a full IP router solution. LAN to "Machine" LAN routing functionalities with an embedded modem for use as a back up access to the "Machine" LAN. Therefore any Ethernet but also serial based PLC or automation equipment can be accessed both ways: through the "Factory" LAN and/or via modem. Seamlessly integrated with the PLC programming environment, eWON 4005 CD still monitors and collects data into internal tags while PLC maintenance is performed. eWON has both Web and FTP servers embedded as well as an independent alarm management system embedded, "data logging and Web synoptic capabilities (4xxx)". Fully compliant with world leading PLC manufacturers - Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Schneider Electric, -, eWON offers also MPI and PROFIBUS protocols support.

Remote PLC access


eWON 2005CD/4005CD - eWON 2101CD/4101CD - eWON 2104CD/4104CD

About eWON
eWON sa, part of the ACT’L group, is a Belgian electronic company manufacturing the eWON product line. Since its launch in 2001, eWON became a worldwide market challenger for intelligent Ethernet gateways and industrial IP routers. Thanks to its growing market recognition, the eWON concept and its service product range have become a reference and a quality standard for every major company in the industry.


eWON Solution

  • Remote access router for dail-in and Internet connection
  • VPN remote access for Automation
  • PLC remote maintenance and Teleservice
  • Programing interface for Ethernet, Serial and MPI/Profibus
  • Remote connection for SCADA systems
  • PLC Modem/router
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarm notification
  • Web HMI
  • Easy remote web I/O View

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  • Talk2M Free - The free Internet connectivity tool for eWON
  • Talk2M Go - Enhanced remote maintenance platform
  • Talk2M Pro - Enhanced remote service platform

Related applications

  • Teleservice
  • Internet remote access
  • Remote machine diagnosis
  • Predictive Maintenance

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  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • XIP, Uni-Telway
  • EtherNet/IP, DF1
  • FINS TCP, FINS Hostlink
  • ISO TCP, PPI, MPI, Profibus
  • Mistubishi FX
  • Hitachi EH

Related stories

ABB Robotics (Sweden) selects eWON to deliver remote service on a global scale.
11-05-2009 | News / Press
1.000 Robots over 35 countries worldwide remotely serviced thanks to eWON technology.
ABB's Remote Service solution allows increased production uptime, reduced mean time between failure of robots and delivery of new services to customers. With Remote Service, the robot itself automatically alerts the on-call service engineer, who can immediately access detailed robot data and quickly identify the root cause of the fault. From that moment, ABB can offer support without being physically at a customer's side and drastically reduce the number of on-site travels.  To achieve this, ABB Robotics selects eWON, the leading manufacturer of industrial M2M routers. “We were looking for off-the shelves solution to reach remotely ABB robots all around the world. We select eWON for their profound experience and knowledge in Industrial Internet M2M Routers and wide products portfolio. With eWON, ABB is in an excellent position to boost our success and give us a powerful competitive edge”, said Dominique Blanc, Product Manager Remote Service, ABB Robots

eWON, a powerful and scalable solution

The role of eWON centers around the concept of logging a robot’s key performance data and sending this remotely to an ABB service center via
GPRS technology. The information can then be viewed, analysed and reported to customers. By monitoring robot condition, proactive actions can be decided to avoid potential failures that might happen in future. “eWON offers a powerful JAVA platform that allowed us to develop our services. All communication aspects are managed by the eWON industrial router and it allows us to concentrate on our core business: the robot and advanced diagnostic methods”, said Blanc. 

Keeping up with the evolution of communication technology 

eWON is currently operational in 30 countries for ABB Robotic. eWON ensures perfect compatibility with GPRS networks worldwide. When GPRS network is not available, ABB Roboti cs connects the robots to the ABB service center using eWON brand new Internet service Talk2M. Talk2M allows secured communication between robots and the service centre over internet.

Fruitful Join collaboration  

The successful deployment comes from a very tight collaboration between eWON and ABB team either in R&D, Quality and supply chain. ABB and eWON have settled a global frame agreement to reinforce the strategic collaboration between the two companies.  “ABB offer us the unique experience to deploy our product over 35 countries in a single application, demonstrating our technology and improving our competence in large scale M2M project” said Serge Bassem, Chief Executive Officer of eWON.  


eWON allows ABB Remote Service to improve availability, fewer service visits, lower maintenance costs and maximized total cost of ownership. This unique service sets ABB apart from its competitors to improve customer satisfaction and drastically reduce environment impact with less travels.

INS SCANDINAVIA ApS - - - / Hosting partner: FinePROXY /Phone: +45 702-702-32

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