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Robot service -Robot remote maintenance

Remote access solution for robote and Automation over the Internet.
Remote Service solution for robots, allows increased production uptime, reduced mean time between failure (MTBF)of robots.

eWON Solution

  • VPN remote access for Robots and Automation
  • Robot remote maintenance and Teleservice
  • Programing interface for Ethernet, Serial and MPI/Profibus
  • Remote diagnostics for robots
  • Remote monitoring for robots
  • Alarm notification for robots
  • Web HMI for robots
  • Remote access router for dail-in and Internet connection

A new services solution for Robots-supplayers to ther customers.
With Remote Service, the robot itself automatically can alerts the service engineer, who can immediately access to the robots data and quickly identify the root cause of the fault, without being physically at a customer's side and drastically reduce the number of on-site travels. Using eWON VPN Remote access.

The power of knowing key performance data.
The role of eWON centers around the concept of logging a robot’s key performance data and sending this remotely to the Robots-supplayers service center via Internet or GSM technology. The information can then be viewed, analysed and reported to customers. By monitoring robot condition, proactive actions can be decided to avoid potential failures that might happen in future. “eWON offers a powerful JAVA platform that allowed Robots-supplayers to develop ther own services plat form. All communication aspects are managed by the eWON industrial router and it allows you to concentrate on your core business.

eWON, a scalable solution for VPN remote access.
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ABB Robotics selects eWON, the leading manufacturer of industrial M2M routers. “We were looking for off-the shelves solution to reach remotely ABB robots all around the world. We select eWON for their profound experience and knowledge in Industrial Internet M2M Routers and wide products portfolio. With eWON, ABB is in an excellent position to boost our success and give us a powerful competitive edge”, said Dominique Blanc, Product Manager Remote Service, ABB Robots.

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