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PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master Communication Module for ControlLogix

The MVI56 PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master Communication Module is a powerful communication interface for ControlLogix platform processors. Developed under license from Rockwell Automation, the module incorporates proprietary backplane technology that enables powerful data exchange with ControlLogix processors.

Features and Benefits

The module supports complete Master specifications according to IEC 61158. Acyclic parameter data can be transferred with Class 1 or Class 2 DP-V1 services, allowing processors to easily communicate with slave devices supporting PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1 protocol.

The module acts as an input/output module between the PROFIBUS network and the ControlLogix processor. Data transfer from the processor is asynchronous with the I/O data transfer on the PROFIBUS network.

ProSoft Technology offers a wide range of PROFIBUS connectivity solutions for all Rockwell Automation platforms including wire and wireless stand-alone gateway products.

ProSoft Technology's PROFIBUS DP Communication Module is CIPconnect enabled.

CIPconnect provides connectivity for a PC to the ProSoft Technology PROFIBUS module over Ethernet using Rockwell Automation's 1756-ENBT EtherNet/IP module. This allows the user to configure the PROFIBUS Master module and network, upload, download files and view network and module diagnostics from a PC.

  • Provides the freedom of accessing a ProSoft module from anywhere the Ethernet network allows.
  • Allows FDT Asset Management software to connect to devices using freely distributed communication DTM.
  • Allows for wireless type connections to the module.
  • Simplifies IT administration in supporting a single IP address per rack especially when multiple ProSoft Technology modules are required.
What else does ProSoft Technology's PROFIBUS module do?
  • PSW-cDTM-PDPM comDTM support is included, allowing users to connect FDT or Asset Management software to a PROFIBUS network.
  • RSLinx is not required for configuration. All that is needed is an IP address and slot number.
  • PROFIBUS connectivity is also available for Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix and SLC platforms, and in stand-alone wired and wireless gateways.


With the growing usage of the PROFIBUS DP-V1 protocol in the industrial marketplace, this product has a wide variety of application uses. Industries that use this technology include:

  • Power and distribution applications
  • Petrochemical
  • Water and Gas Applications
  • SCADA and DCS applications

Functional Specifications

The MVI56-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS Master module acts as a PROFIBUS network scanner, transferring Input and Output data between PROFIBUS devices and the ControlLogix data memory over the backplane.

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop Master Busview configuration interface via ProSoft Configuration Builder software
  • Project-unique GSD file import library
  • Monitoring and Modification of process data and DP-V1 acyclic data
  • Multidrop on a PROFIBUS DP-V1 network with other compatible devices
  • Automatic project documentation
  • Automatic Bus Parameter calculation
  • Online slave diagnostics
  • Supports all standardized baud rates, up to 12Mbps
  • Supports extended diagnostic data (DP-V1 devices only)
  • Auto baud detection at all valid PROFIBUS DP-V1 rates
  • Multiple masters can be placed in a single rack
  • CRC checksum determination of slave configuration consistency to processor
  • Master Status LED Indicators for Operations, Network Communication, Master Token-Hold and Network Configuration.
  • FDT/DTM PROFIBUS master transport communication DTM software included (see PSW-CDTM-PDPM)

General Specifications

  • Single-slot - 1756 backplane compatible
  • The module is recognized as an Input/Output module and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module
  • Ladder Logic is used for data transfer between module and processor. Sample ladder file (add-on instruction) included.
  • Local or remote rack
  • Configurable I/O backplane sizes allow optimal performance for remote rack applications
  • CIPconnect enabled. Module supports communications with ProSoft Configuration Builder and FDT comDTM via Ethernet routing using Rockwell Automation Ethernet interface.

PROFIBUS Master Specifications

  • Up to 125 Slaves can be connected with a repeater
  • Up to 1536 cyclic bytes input and 1536 bytes output data
  • Supports Extended Diagnostic Data
  • RS-485 optically isolated PROFIBUS Interface with on board DC-DC converter
  • Acyclic communications (DP-V1 devices only), Read and Write
  • Alarm Handling (DP-V1 devices only)
  • Supports Sync and Freeze commands
  • Supports PROFIdrive 3.1 compliant parameter read and write operations
  • Supports Multicast and Broadcast telegrams (DP-V1 devices only)

PROFIBUS Master Port

  • DB-9F Optically Isolated RS-485
  • Ready, Run, Error and Token LED Indicators
  • PROFIBUS DP-V1 RS-485 interface with a 9-pin D shell female connector and isolated opto-couplers

Hardware Specifications

Backplane Current Load

800 mA @ 5 V

Operating Temperature

0 to 60 Deg C


32 to 140 Deg F

Storage Temperature

-40 to 85 Deg C


-40 to 185 Deg F

Relative Humidity

5-95% (w/o condensation)

LED Indicators

Module Status


Backplane Transfer Status


SerialPort Activity LED


Serial Activity and Error LED Status


Master Status Operations Network Drop Communication Master Token-Hold


Master database configuration

Configuration Serial Port (PRT1)

DB-9M PC Compatible


RS-232 only


No hardware handshaking


CIPconnect(tm) Ethernet routing using 1756-ENBT, 1756-EN2T or similar

PROFIBUS Master Port

DB-9F Optically Isolated RS-485


Ready, Run, Error and Token LED Indicators


PROFIBUS DPV1 RS-485 interface with a 9-pin D shell female connector and isolated Opto-Couplers

Training Video

MVI56-PDPMV1 Training Video

Image Gallery


Download comDTM Software


User Manual

Sample Ladder

PROFIBUS comDTM Quick Start Guide

MVI56-PDPMV1 Add-On Instruction

MVI56 EDS file

MVI56(E) Add-On Profile (AOP)


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